Here's some great news to finish up this year record year for bad news.

Officer Keith Bartlett of Gainesville, TX is a dedicated public servant who puts his life on the line for his community on a daily basis. Tragedy struck for Officer Bartlett and his family when their home was destroyed in a fire two weeks before Christmas.

The 'most wonderful time of the year' seemed anything but for Officer Bartlett and his family until a man he had helped in the past decided to return the favor. That man? Country music legend Randy Travis.

Travis remembered Officer Bartlett when he responded to a theft on the Travis farm. Mary Travis recognized Officer Bartlett in a new story about the loss of his home. She and Travis decided to help by not only providing furniture for the family, but also by replacing Officer Bartlett's prized Gibson guitar, which was destroyed in the fire.

Watch the video above to see Officer Bartlett meet Randy Travis and receive his new Gibson guitar.

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