Our good buddy and country musician James Dupré held his wedding festivities in Lafayette on Saturday night. While, we don't want to take any of the attention off the groom and his now bride Kelsie, James' brother and a famous friend may have stolen the show.

That famous friend was none other than country star Randy Travis. And that brother is another country singer, Ashton Dupré.

You may recall that James and Randy starred in a movie back in 2015 called "The Price". In that film, Randy plays a country music legend who attempts to make amends with a son he never knew who is an aspiring musician, played by James.

Fast forward to last night's wedding reception. Ashton and Randy did what all singers will do at some point at any event where there's music -- they sing. This touching moment was captured on film and looked a little something like this:


How wonderful is this? It's good see Randy singing along to one of his hit songs. "I Told You So" was a #1 for Randy back in 1988 off of his highly acclaimed "Always & Forever" album.

Well done Ashton & Randy and thanks for sharing this gem with everyone!

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