Every year the Vermilion Parish School Board members are supposed to submit an evaluation of the Superintendent. By most accounts, Jerome Puyau is still the Superintendent of Vermilion Parish Schools. So last night he was prepared for and should have received  his yearly report card.

The evaluation is an annual scorecard of how well the Superintendent has performed his job, where he could improve, and suggestions on how he might improve in his position. It's a common practice among school boards across the state.

However, at last night's special meeting of the VPSB only four of the eight board members turned in that required evaluation of Puyau. The other four members of the board opted to not submit the required paperwork. One board member told KLFY TV that it was because of ongoing litigation over the Superintendent's contract that he abstained.

The board members who did evaluate Puyau seem to think very highly of the job he is doing. Puyau was rated with a score of 3.7 out of a possible 4.0. Based on the scoring system for the evaluation Puyau was given a "highly effective" rating for how he does the job of Superintendent.

The new year will see three new members of the Vermilion Parish School Board. Those members were recently elected and are set to take over their seats in January. There is a strong hope among the community that these three new members can help the board and the Superintendent settle their differences and begin moving forward with the job they were elected and or hired to do.


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