Popeye's is sticking to the Louisiana style cooking with their latest dessert menu item, chocolate beignets. The fried chicken brand is also selling "beignet camo" hoodie's online as an ode to their new sweet treat.

Check out the below Twitter post @PopeyesChicken

A unique strategy to creating hype behind a new menu item, although I won't begin to judge the marketing mindset of the popular chicken chain. Of course, Popeye's took the country by storm when they dropped the chicken sandwich heard round the world.

The hoodie, I must admit, is pretty cool looking. You can check out sizes and pricing by clicking here.

Twitter is reacting to the item, which hit menus today, with lots of excitement

I may be making a pass by Popeye's soon to give these little poppers a try of my own. I will be sure to report back with my findings...

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