Here is a recipe for the perfect rum punch on National Rum Punch Day.  It's delicious and simple to make.  This fruity drink is perfect year round.  Whether you're tailgating or just lounging around the house on a Sunday afternoon.

Even a vodka lover like myself can appreciate the taste of this perfect combination of ingredients.

Have a glass on National Rum Punch Day or just any day you'd like to excite your taste buds.

Rum Punch Recipe:

 ½ can concentrated lemon aid (Frozen)
½ can concentrated orange juice (Frozen)
1 fifth of dark rum
1 jar of cherries
1 can of pineapple chunks
4 cups of water
Makes 1 gallon. You would think it would be strong but you really can’t taste the alcohol that much.
Don’t drink too many at one time and don’t drive while under the influence of this drink.

[Via:  Listener Email]

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