I have never been to the Olympics but I would imagine it would be a really cool experience to not only attend the games but to attend as an athlete.

Now, what if you were an athlete competing at the Olympics and your dad got to be the announcer for your event? That is a level of awesome I can't even comprehend!

That is exactly what one Olympian is dreaming will happen while competing at the Tokyo Olympics. Jake Wightman, a Scottish athlete, secured his place in the Tokyo Olympics when he finished second in the 1500m at the British Championships and just secured his spot in the 1500m event in Tokyo yesterday.

Jake's Father, Geoff Wightman, is the athlete's coach, but he will also be working as the stadium announcer in Tokyo for the Track events that are scheduled to take place on Thursday and Saturday of this week.

The father and son are happy that they get to share in this experience together but hope that they will get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by having his father announce his event.

"The dream would be to win an Olympic gold with him calling the race in, that would be special for us. So far, I haven't been able to make him lose composure when he's been on the microphone, but I hope that would do it."


While this moment is a special one for this family, they are no strangers to the spotlight. Jake comes from a line of athletes and Olympians. Geoff Wightman, and his mother, Susan Tooby, were marathon runners. Susan Tooby finished 12th at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and Jake’s aunt participated in the 10,000m at the same games.

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