Yesterday the University of Louisiana announced a new apparel deal with Adidas to be the exclusive supplier for uniforms for all Cajuns' sports, including cheer, dance, practice jerseys and gear.

The agreement runs through 2017, with an option to renew for two more years.  The total value is $1.3 million dollars.  You can read more about the terms of the agreement by clicking here.

Unfortunately, the deal became a secondary story in comparison to what was unveiled at yesterday's press conference at Dupre Library on the UL campus.

Two of what were termed uniform "mockups" were on display.  Problem is, because of a couple of announcements on Twitter, fans and players were led to believe the mockups were the real deal.

"All we did yesterday was announce an agreement with Adidas.  The actual uniforms will not be unveiled until Media Day, provided they are ready by then.  What was shown was simply a generic Adidas look," Athletic Director Scott Farmer said.

The first tweet, since removed, came from head football coach Mark Hudspeth's account inviting people to come by for the announcement and to see the new uniforms.


Then, shortly after, the @ULLafayette twitter posted something similar to the original tweet.


Those non-uniforms didn't go over real well.

Fans on the website and some of the players themselves (via twitter) express their disappointment over what they were led to believe were the new uniforms.  The plain design, coupled with "Ragin' Cajuns" on the front (instead of 'Louisiana" which has been a part of the football uniforms for a few years now), made for plenty of vitriol.

After the press conference, the following was posted on Hudspeth's twitter:


Hopefully, that will calm the masses.  And, hopefully, the new uniforms, when unveiled, will be a lot more to the fans' and players' liking.

In the meantime, let's acknowledge what Twitter has become.  A great source for information...and in some cases, mis-information.

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