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Adidas has pulled their new JS Roundhouse Sneakers over their controversial look.  The controversial sneakers feature orange plastic ankle cuffs and chains. Adidas premiered the new, supposedly 'cutesy'  sneakers on Facebook and was inundated with many complaints from people who thought the sneakers looked like the shackles slaves were once forced to wear in the 19th Century.

Mickey Mouse, panda bears and themes “inspired by my childhood” were the creative motivation behind JS Roadhouse's sneaker design.  Before Adidas removed the post from Facebook, Adidas asked Facebook users, "Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles?”   More than 2,000 Facebook users commented on the post, many slamming the shoes as “slave wear” and asking why anyone would want to voluntarily wear shackles.

[Via:  Time News Feed]

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