This could only happen to me. I thought I'd ordered Nike shoes online from Rack Shoes and received a shoe rack instead. Ellen almost hit the floor laughing.

I'll bet if you searched the entire planet, you would have a hard time finding another human being that ordered shoes from a company called Rack Shoes and received a shoe RACK instead of the shoes.

I wanted a pair of white Nike tennis shoes that I'd seen in town but could not find them in my size anywhere in Lafayette. I found them online for about the same price at Rack Room Shoes and had them shipped to the radio station.

Friday, I got a notice that my shoe rack had been delivered. Ellen and I were in the studio together when I received the notice. I said to Ellen, I think my shoes have been delivered, "This has to be a mistake. The notice says my shoe rack has been delivered, but they probably mean my shoes are here." Ellen said she'd go out into our lobby to get the package. I wanted her opinion on my new shoes.

She brought back into the control room a box that in no way looked like it contained shoes. That's 'cause it didn't. It was a shoe rack just like the message described.

Who orders shoes from a company called Rack Shoes and receives a shoe RACK one that's who. No one. Only me!

Ellen and I had a real good laugh. And I have since learned that my new Nikes are indeed coming in from Rack Room Shoes. No connection to my new shoe rack. I apparently hit a few extra keys on the computer.

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