It's one of the shoes that has "swept the nation" for the last couple of years and you can now shop for them at a stand-alone store.

Hey Dude has just opened one of its first brick-and-mortar stores and it is located at Tanger Outlets in Gonzales, Louisiana.

According to representatives from Tanger Outlets, the store is holding a "soft opening" from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm for the first few days. But, all indications are that it's open for business.

If you want to check out the store, it's located between Coach and Levi's in the shopping center.

What are Hey Dudes?

Most people now know about these lightweight, supportive and comfortable shoes. Much like Crocs, they are made with sustainability in mind.

The shoes are made using recycled cork, plastic, and leather and sent to customers in packaging made from cornstarch.

Are Hey Dudes made by Crocs?

Good question, but no. Well, sort of.

Hey Dude shoes launched in 2008 in Italy but didn't become widely popular in the United States until late 2020.

But in late 2021, Crocs bought the company for $2.5 billion. So we guess now you can say Crocs does make Hey Dudes.

Where can I buy Hey Dudes in Lafayette?

According to the store locator on the Hey Dude website, the following stores carry their shoes in Lafayette.

Shoe Station - Lafayette
3606 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy
Lafayette, LA 70503

5725 Johnston St #176
Lafayette, LA 70503

Shades Sunglasses
4243 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy #114
Lafayette, LA 70508

Off Broadway Shoes - Ambassador Town Center
111 Meadow Farm Rd #130
Lafayette, LA 70508

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