In the America that I observe there appear to be two kinds of people. People who are motivated to stay in step with fashion and people who are motivated to be comfortable in spite of fashion. I would put myself in that latter group by the way, but one article of clothing that has been apparently loathed publicly by both groups is now making a bigger comeback than ever before.

I am speaking of Crocs. You know the plastic-like preformed footwear that you can't escape seeing in any gift shop in any beach town across these United States. Crocs, when they first were introduced to the market achieved a lot of notoriety.

Those who purchased them loved their comfort and their quirky looks. The company that makes the iconic footwear was quick to capitalize on the shoe's popularity. Soon there were Crocs of all kinds and all colors and featuring the logos of just about any organization, sports team, or beverage that you could find.

Then, like all things that become popular, it became popular to bash Crocs. I mean, look at them. They are not the most flattering of footwear and when you consider some of the neon and tie-dyed styles they come in, it is easy to see why Crocs are often referred to as the Nickelback of footwear.

Then just as we thought Crocs were going to fade away like so many other footwear fads we hit the coronavirus pandemic. All of a sudden people were less concerned with fashion and focusing more on comfort as they spent more time at home and out of the public eye. Suddenly those "clunky" old Crocs didn't look so bad and they sure felt good when worn around the home office.

The pandemic has lead to a new resurgence of the brand. Crocs are now once again considered en vogue and on point. They're even more popular now than when they first surfaced some 15 years ago. They're still ugly too. But I think more and more people are joining my team, you know the "comfort first" group.

But what makes the Crocs brand even more amazing is that while you will be comfortable in your Crocs, you can make them as eye-catching or bedazzled as you want them to be. In fact, that process is really pretty easy.

But you know despite the fact that I have very little concern about fashion or style, I still don't own a pair of Crocs. The reason is simple. My feet sweat a lot and in my experience with prefab pressboard shoes, that's not a good thing for the feet or the noses that might find themselves around my feet. So I will stay in my running shoes for now and let you guys surf the ways of our nation's often ridiculous fashion trends.

Since we are discussing comfort for our feet, let's also take a look at comfort for our other souls.

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