Can this logo be spotted in your closet? The likely answer is “yes.” Did you know that there is a reason behind the design? You may not, but it will make perfect sense when you learn what it is.

According to an article in The U.S. Sun, “ADIDAS has not just one, but four logos that they use across a variety of their products and line.” You will never see the first letter “a” capitalized in any of those logos. This is the brand’s expression of “inclusion and accessibility.” This means that their goal was to create a product that would be available to anyone.

Another part of the logo that holds hidden significance is its notable 3 stripes which were added to the design in 1991. These stripes are found on all variations of the ADIDAS logo and are said to stand for variety as well as represent the three continents the brand is available. Those continents are North America, Europe, and Asia.

What’s even greater is that the logo we see today puts the 3 stripes forming a mountain. This is said to symbolize overcoming obstacles or hardships.

The ADIDAS logo has evolved since its beginning in 1949, but you will see the original versions with the stripes still in rotation today.

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