Burger King is getting a fresh new logo. Crazy thing is, it’s actually an old logo. Burger King is going to change the logo to emulate a logo used from 1969 to 1999. This change comes after more than 20 years. I love the new identity being retro-influenced and simple.

The fast-food chain released the new logo on Thursday which will now be on food packaging, employee uniforms, and signage in the soon-to-be remodeled restaurants, according to CNN.

Basically they are getting rid of the blue curve that’s been in the logo since 1999. It’s described to have colors that are rich and bold with a custom-made font called “Flame.” It pays tribute to the 64-year-old history.

You will begin to see some of the new identity branding and the new logo immediately in advertisements, signage, and packaging. The renovations will take several years.

Oh and bonus! Another part of the changes Burger King is making includes more value items on a new $1 Menu which has already started.


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