It's going to be terrifying because, unfortunately, it's going to deal with the real world...

I'm a big horror fan, whether it's literature or movies and TV. Despite that, I've not really been scared or impressed by what I've seen of American Horror Story. The first season I watched was 'Freak Show,' and while Twisty was horrific, the outlandish musical number and over - the - top violence and gore didn't do anything for me. I decided to give 'Roanoke' a try, and after what I felt was a good start, the season meandered into a series of WTH moments followed by more WTH moments.

I figured I'd give the new season a try based on previews and story details. FX has released the opening titles through its YouTube channel. I won't argue that it's not creepy, but the fact that the season will deal with the very things I watch fictional TV series to escape is scariest of all.

The producers have said 'Cult' will deal with 'what's going on in our world' and 'what’s going on in our world around us, the idea of paranoia.'

Personally, the political landscape is far scarier than any horror movie or story I've ever read, and the reason I enjoy horror and other forms of fiction is to escape that real - world horror. It seems everyone in Hollywood today feels the need to make TV shows and movies commentaries on current events instead of entertainment. There are shows that are at their best when they reflect current events (Star Trek is a great example), but not every show or movie needs to do this. At least, that's this guy's opinion.

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