A news anchor got quite the roasting from her coworkers after showing up in a new outfit. The news crew had some fun as they compared the woman's get-up to an old couch.


Live TV is a tough gig. Everything happens in real-time, so anchors really need to be able to ad-lib and keep the ball moving if they don't want a clunky viewing experience for the audience.

For one TV personality, her outfit would be the target of ridicule for the rest of her coworkers.

News anchor couch
Twitter via @AlexHolleyFOX29

At first, Alex Holley thought she was getting a genuine compliment on her outfit.

That was until a producer for the show popped up a photo of an old basement couch that shared nearly the same exact pattern as the anchor's top.

News Anchor Gets Absolutely Roasted by Her Coworkers

See the news anchor's reaction in the clip shared by @AlexHolleyFOX29 below.

Reactions to the moment here.

A good sport, indeed!

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