The Daily Iberian was at the Iberia Parish School Board meeting Wednesday night when police were called in to enforce a mask mandate.

Several parents were in attendance to protest the mask mandate in schools and when they refused to wear a mask indoors, police were called in to escort them out.

You will see here that police were able to maintain the peace while protestors noted that some on the board were also in violation of the mask mandate.

Daily Iberian

This has been a common occurrence at public meetings this week as some parents do not feel like their kids should be required to wear masks while in school.

According to the Daily Iberian, one parent had this to say, “My 7-year-old is being refused a public education because he won’t put a mask on. They’re treating the mandate like it’s a buffet.”

Daily Iberian

Still, after this disturbance, schools in Iberia Parish will follow Governor Edwards' mandate and require all students on campus to wear masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To watch the video of police intervening at the school board meeting in Iberia Parish, click HERE.


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