When the new Apple iPhone and iPad operating system comes out later this year, it will include a feature that let's you track your sex life.  Say WHAT?!

Between Apple, the internet and the United States government, we have become puppets in which to attain information only to sell it to other puppets.  It's only my assumption that they will sell this information.  I mean, who in their right mind would feel the need to track something like that.  If you do, number one, it's WEIRD and number two, if you really have a strong desire to do something so ridiculous...GO NOTCH A TREE IN THE YARD.

The sex tracker will be part of the Health app.  Every time you have sex, you can log the date, the time, and whether or not you used protection.  Why Apple?  WHY?

Is there really a need for this sort of app?  The only reason for an app like this in my opinion, is for that data to be sold to companies who would benefit from it.  Certainly it's not for Jim to hang out with the guys from the construction sight after work and brag about his sex life by passing his phone around the bar...please tell me it's not.  And if it is, just do it the old fashioned way Jim...JUST SAY IT...no one will believe you anyway!

[Via:  Apple Insider]

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