Have you seen the offer circulating on the internet saying that Netflix is offering a free one-year subscription due to the pandemic? Is it real?

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic this year we've all been seeing the "free Netflix for a year" offer on the internet and social media. The offer usually says something like “Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic worldwide, Netflix is ​giving some free passes for their platform during the period of isolation" and then urges you to hurry to the website link provided because the offer will expire soon.

No, the "free Netflix for a year" offer is not real. It's yet another scam from dirty trifling no good theives to attempt to steal your hard earned money.

Don't click any link on social media or email associated with anything like this.

While we're talking about scammers using the Netflix brand to try and steal your money, also be aware of emails and text messages from scammers posing as Netflix representatives urging you to update your account. Don't give them any information, don't even respond.

You can get more information over at snopes.com.



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