I got an email today from Netflix telling me that they're reaching out to their newest members to help them get started. I've been a Netflix subscriber for about 10 years so I immediately became suspicious.

After I checked to see the address this Netflix email came from I quickly deleted it and started looking for info on the internet about any new scams. I found out there is indeed yet another new email phishing scam going around.

Clearly, Netflix has nothing to do with the scam.

The email address to keep an eye out for is info.mailer.netflix.com. If you get an email from that address, do not click on anything in the email, just delete it.

Email phishing scams are to designed to obtain important information like usernames, passwords, and credit card details.

If you receive one of these phishing emails or any other phishing scams, you can report them to the U.S. Department of Home Defense HERE.

"With nearly 151 million users worldwide, Netflix is the #1 streaming service in the world. Scammers have targeted Netflix customers with a phishing email that has been designed to steal their personal and financial login details. For cybercriminals, Netflix phishing is a profitable business. Netflix’s substantial subscriber base offers a wealth of opportunities to access personal information."

Below is a screen cap of the Netflix phishing email I got earlier today.

New Netflix Email Scam
TSM Staff/Michael Dot Scott


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