I love it when people disagree.  I do.  I think it makes people or situations better because it allows us to look at something through someone else's eyes.  BUT, because we disagree, that doesn't give us the right to be ugly to one another.

Today was the straw that broke the camel's back for me.  I watched a discussion about the song, "Baby It's Cold Outside" on my personal Facebook page.  And folks, I'm telling you, there are some mean, cruel, evil people out there.  Thank goodness it's not the majority, but they are out there nonetheless.

My new Facebook rule for my personal page is simply this.  If you disagree or take issue with anything on my personal Facebook page posted by others or myself, it is okay to disagree and let yourself be heard.  But if I see anything ugly, that looks like bullying or attacks on my Facebook friends, personal friends, KTDY, the people I work with, my family or myself I will block you immediately.  No second chances, gone!  Now I won't catch everything obviously, but when I see it, I will block it.

I have confidence that we can all be heard, in a civil, respectful manner if we try.  Thank you for being my friends and followers on Facebook.  I'm honored that you are interested in my life.  Merry Christmas.

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