We should all know about the Murder Hornets now.  And we are all afraid. But, who knew they were actually something people EAT. Yes, you heard me right. These hornets have made their way to the United States from Asia for the first time and we are all thinking the same thing, “something else for us to worry about”.  According to The New York Times, these hornets are known in Japan as a delicious snack and an ingredient in drinks. Say what?!

The Murder Hornet, which kills up to 50 people a year in Japan, is also considered a delicacy there. They are on the menu of many fancy restaurants. Apparently, they are high in protein and often pan-fried (with the stingers) and served on a skewer. People have compared the flavor to popcorn. They are also steamed with rice to make a dish called hebo-gohan.

According to PennLive, The hornets are also used in adult beverages too. It’s been said that they are used as ingredients for “invigorating” drinks. They are drowned live in liquor, which apparently, causes their venom to be released into the beverage to give it an extra kick. Can you say O M G?!


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