A motorist decided to pull her car over and confront two other people that were apparently following her vehicle for quite some time. When she realized that their intentions were to inform her that a gas pump handle and line were hanging out of her car's gas tank, utter shock ensued.

You can see the video posted to Twitter by @fred035schultz below.

Reactions to this video varied, with some not thinking it isn't any laughing matter that women should have to be so concerned with people following them at any given time.

I definitely understand this concern. I think this Twitter user is right in saying that anytime anyone feels like they are being followed or are in danger, they should contact the police immediately.

But that is not what this woman elected to do. She decided to take matters into her own hands and confront the men that she believed were following her. When she approached the car to give these guys a piece of her mind, you could see how genuinely upset she was that she was being followed.

It took a second to get their word in, but the men being confronted eventually explained to the woman that she had something hanging out of her gas tank. At that moment is when she noticed the gas pump handle and line laying on the asphalt, where it had subsequently been dragged from a nearby gas station.

It has never personally happened to me, but I know people have accidentally driven off from filling-up their tank without putting the handle back many times before. Some Twitter users even admitted that this exact scenario has happened to them.

So this video isn't that far-fetched, although many on Twitter think this whole thing was staged.

I can definitely see why people online think this entire video was staged. The guys are laughing a little bit and HOW ON EARTH could she get out of her car to confront them without seeing the gas handle hanging out of her vehicle???

But on the other hand... Who would go through all of those lengths to make this fake video??? You would have to have an actual detached gas pump handle and line handy. You would also have to have an actress who is willing to make herself look really silly in the process.

Whether this video is real or not, be sure to put the gas pump handle up every time you fill up that car. Didn't think I had to give that advice, but here we are in 2021!


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