After experiencing that horrible winter storm last week, there are many of us who have been thinking about warm weather and sandy beaches.

So, let's not just visit there in our minds, let's actually go!

One of my family's favorite places to vacation is Destin, Florida and the surrounding areas. We try to take one trip a year in that neck of the woods to get some vitamin sea.

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In my humble opinion, the Emerald Coast features some of the prettiest waters in the world. Sure, it can be busy in the summertime, so that's why we love to try to find a comfortable house to rent and just hunker down for the week and do as little as possible.

Now, having said all this, I do know there can be some pricey abodes in Destin. During the peak summertime, you're also paying peak summer prices. Unless you split the cost with other families, some of these homes are just pipe dreams.

But let's dream...or see how the top tier lives.

Below are pictures of the most expensive home I could find in the Destin area for rent this summer. It's definitely one of those homes where you either A) need to be well off to afford or B) split up amongst about six different families to afford.

The home is technically located just east of Destin proper on 30A in Santa Rosa Beach.

The newly constructed home is right on the beach and boasts 5,800 square feet. It includes 7 bedrooms, 7 1/2 bathrooms and sleeps up to 18 people. Other amenities include a private pool, built-in grill and a pergola.

If you wish to book it for the week of July 3-10, 2021, it will set you back $35,450.35. (Again, keep in mind that this is peak pricing, and other times of the year the home would be "cheaper" to rent.)

Let's dream together and check out the pictures.

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