A meteorologist in Lafayette, Louisiana received a heartfelt letter from a viewer and it shows that when you really go out of your way for someone it can mean a lot to them.

Our friend at KATC-TV 3 Rob Perillo shared a hand-written letter on social media that he received from a viewer.

The woman who wrote the letter to Rob is 87 years old and she wrote the letter to thank him for going out of his way after her previous request.

According to Rob's post on Facebook, the viewer requested, "A copy of the August temperature calendar that I had showed on air several times where we had almost exclusively 100°+ temperatures."

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Recognizing that Ms Marie, the viewer who wrote to Rob at KATC, wanted this as a piece of history, Rob went out of his way and printed a colored copy of the calendar and sent it to her.

Well, it meant so much to the elderly woman that she actually placed the calendar that Rob sent into a protective frame.

I share this with you to remind you that when we go out of our way for someone it can mean so much to the person(s) on the receiving end.

You see, our friend over at KATC didn't have to go out of his for this viewer, but he did, and now Rob has this beautiful hand-written letter and his friend Ms Marie has the calendar that she requested.

What a win for both.

Check out the letter Ms Marie wrote to Rob here.


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