It's Spring, and as we start to stare out the windows, we allow ourselves to get creative...Okay, we saw this on the internet and thought it would be fun to do for our town. Cities across the country are sprouting up with Twitter pages devoted to haikus about their area. The simple 5-7-5 syllable poems are easy to understand, and can be fun to make. Here's a few that we came up with in about 3 minutes. PLEASE add yours in the comments below:

Haikus for Lafayette


Long Winter Problems

Crawfish Season Now
But Eight Ninety Nine Per Pound?
I'm Too Broke To Eat

Geaux Cajuns

The Cajuns Just Win
The Baseball and SoftBall Teams
Bring Pride To Our Town

And More Cajuns!

Hudspeth and Marlin
Sunbelt Conference Champions
Cajuns On T.V.

Why...Just Why

Oh, Johnston Traffic
Could It Possibly Get Worse?
Look, An Accident

Sound Funny The Other Way

Pee-can or Pecan
Just One Of the Many Things
That Makes Us Unique

At Least It's Only 6-Months Long

Hurricane Season
I Thought You Had Just Ended
Now You're Back Again

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