Like many of you, KATC's Rob Perillo is monitoring the frigid air moving into South Louisiana early next week.

Much of the country will experience arctic air early next week as a Polar Vortex pushes further southward from Canada.

As for all of us in Acadiana, we could see temperatures next Monday and Tuesday night drop into the 20s. So yes, you should begin to prepare for a hard freeze in the area.


Exposed pipes will need to be protected and you will need to have a plan for any pets that may be outdoors.

But what about winter precipitation in South Louisiana during the arctic blast? Well, we may get some rain in Acadiana, but it will be before temperatures dip below the freezing point.

Some areas north of Acadiana may see snow flurries or sleet, but for all of us in "Cajun Country" that is very unlikely. As a matter of fact, our friend over at KATC tells Acadiana to, "Keep Dreaming Y'all" in his latest update on the frigid temperatures.

Apparently many have been asking Rob if it will snow here and Rob seems very convinced that it will not, but that shouldn't deter you from making plans ahead of this very hard freeze.

Here's Rob's forecast for early next week and as we await this cold mass, we'll keep dreaming and begin preparations for our next gumbo or soup.

It's about to get really cold here in South Louisiana. #CookSomeRice

Here's another look at what the country will dealing with early next week (Jan 15 - 16). For those who may be traveling out of Acadiana, you should expect issues on some of the roadways.

And for those dreaming of snow in South Louisiana, I dug this photo out of the archives and it's of my parent's house in Mamou, La. This was a day to remember in 2017.

Maybe one day this will return.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo


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