Apple, Uber, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates were among many Twitter accounts that were hacked Wednesday and utilized to solicit Bitcoin.

Kanye West and Jeff Bezos were also in the group of those accounts that were affected by the scam. Here is a list of all of the known accounts that have been compromised via Twitter @spectatorindex

There is a similar messaging in all of the Tweets from hacked accounts. I grabbed this screenshot via Twitter before the tweet was deleted only minutes later. 

Hacker tweet elon musk

It is currently unclear on who the hacker is, but the Twitter community believes it is one person who has been able to gain administrative access to these different accounts which all have massive followings.

Twitter's official support account has responded to the cyber-attack which you can see here @TwitterSupport

Twitter has halted the ability for "verified" aka 'Blue Check Mark' accounts to send out Tweets as they investigate the issue.

We will update this story as it is still developing.

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