The ridesharing services, Uber and Lyft, have helped to transform how many parts of the nation can travel.

It's changed the transportation industry dramatically by offering another option to cars, trains, walking, and taxis.

It's a little strange to think about how easy it is for many of us to jump into the car of someone we don't know to get a lift to our destination. When we were younger our mothers cautioned us never to hitchhike or accept a ride from someone you don't know.

Uber and Lyft give us more freedom to achieve our professional and personal goals.

Ridesharing services also make it much easier for those planning to go out celebrating to get where they are going and home safely without being an impaired driver.

One person shared with us that they just do not like the idea of the ridesharing services. It's a flat-out, "No" for them!

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Others admit that they have traveled 3 hours or more to get to a destination, and they have done something like that a few times.

And, if you think about it, Uber and Lyft are super convenient, especially if the person who was supposed to pick you up from the airport forgets or oversleeps.

Other people say there have been rides that have been long, and drivers are echoing that same sentiment. And some of the comments, are just plain fun. While Matt Allen's friend didn't use Uber and Lyft, he sure got to his destination in style.

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Where do you want to go? Driver Tara Lopes says one customer had a trip that was around 223 miles.

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One driver says he even had a special assignment when he took a four-legged customer to the Sunshine State.

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According to the website Uber would charge around $162.73 for a trip between Lafayette and New Orleans.

According to the same website, the cost for the same trip from Uber is quoted at $230.30.

You also have to consider whether or not the driver will actually want to take a driver that far as it is up to each individual driver to decide whether they want a particular job.

You also should factor in whether or not you will give your driver a tip. According to the Uber website, it's up to you.

Whatever your travel plans, we hope you enjoy getting out there for some fun!

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