A mother and daughter were shopping in a Walmart in Hendersonville, Tennessee when they experienced something very scary.

Jill Blazok says that it is a nightmare no nine-year-old child should have or have experienced.

According to WKRN, just before noon on Saturday, the mother and daughter were in the self-checkout line and they had a cart full of groceries. Jill Blazok looked back and there was a man holding only two frozen items so she decided to let the man go ahead of them.  Blazok said when he approached them, he grabbed her daughter’s arm firmly and said, “And I’ll take you too.”  Her daughter pulled her arm free from the man, then Blazok told her daughter not to look at him or say anything. Blazok then put her daughter behind her and put the cart closer to them as he kept mumbling bizarre things. After he bagged his items, he reached around the mother, and got within two inches of the child, pulled his mask down, and said, “I bet I scared you.” Her daughter’s eyes just welled up with tears and Blazok told the man it was time for him to go. He left, but when they walked out of the store, they noticed he was still in the parking lot. They immediately went to their car and she called the police and then made a report.

The man was gone by the time the police arrived at Walmart. Luckily, the surveillance cameras show the man wearing a Low Country Harley Davidson cut-off and a bandana. The camera also shows him leaving as a passenger in a dark Dodge Caravan with a temporary tag. Blazok is pursuing assault charges. Police obtained an arrest warrant and charged 65-year-old Edward Davey with assault.

We have crazy people around us and we always have to be aware of our surroundings. Especially, when we have children. Thankfully, this woman pressed charges and the surveillance camera helped police to get the man behind bars.

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