A scary scene unfolded in a Florida courtroom when a man convicted of murder attacked his own attorney.

Joseph Zieler, who was convicted of a 1990 murder, asked to speak to his lawyer in the courtroom and when his lawyer was close enough to him, he elbowed him in the face.

As you'll see here, police quickly took down the man and the attorney returned to the desk.

While police detained Zieller, his attorney noted that he used to box and he said he took harder shots than that while in the ring.

Zieler was reportedly taken to the back and later returned to only proclaim his innocence in the double murder trial, which includes the murder on an 11-year-old girl.

NBC News reports soon thereafter, Zieler was sentenced to death on the two first-degree murder counts.

Here's the moment Zieler elbowed his own attorney in the face.


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