A viral video from Kaplan, Louisiana is making its rounds on social media after several individuals got into an altercation along the parade route yesterday.

While we don't know who or what started this altercation, you can see that several people along the parade route got involved, while kids looked on.

In an unofficial statement, Lori Fredrick stated on social media, "There was a guy throwing broken beads at people & vehicles. They kept asking him to stop & that is when the fight started. It escalated from there."

One report on social media notes that a brawl delayed the parade on "Fat Tuesday" in Kaplan, but we aren't certain if it was this fight or another.

Madison Mouton
Madison Mouton

Mardi Gras day was huge in many parts of the state as beautiful weather was overhead, however, that brought out record crowds and when you have so many people in one defined area, things like this happen.

We just hope that no one was injured here and that everyone got to enjoy the rest of their Mardi Gras day.


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