A group of people by a pool decided to re-enact the altercation we all witnessed from the Riverfront in Montgomery, Alabama.

As you may recall, several individuals got into a very ugly fight after a tenant from the Riverfront asked a party to move their boat so that another could dock.

The man working at the Riverfront, in the white shirt, was attacked by some who were on the boat that was asked to move.

Once bystanders saw what was happening, many ran toward the employee to assist him in the fight.

An all-out brawl ensued and many were knocked down, thrown in the water, and even hit with a folded chair.

According to several reports, many of those involved were detained by police.

While you hate to ever see anything like this, many found the altercation to be on a different level and now some are even producing parodies of the fight from Alabama.

Check out this staged fight and it resembles everything we saw in the original battle from Montgomery, Ala.

While this staged battle has many chuckling on social media, some have even added WWE commentary to the original video and fight.

Check this out.


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