The fallout from Mardi Gras continues for some in south Louisiana.

A video sent to us shows a massive brawl in an Evangeline Parish store and things got ugly fast.

You can see the workers at a "Y-Not Store", reportedly located in Evangeline Parish near Ville Platte, attempting to stop this brawl, but their efforts did not deter those from fighting in the store.

Antonio Rougeau
Antonio Rougeau

Merchandise was thrown to the floor, while workers did their best to have the combatants removed from the building.

We don't know if anyone was arrested in this fight, but you can see that damage was certainly done to the small store in Evangeline Parish.

We are told this occurred following Mardi Gras festivities in or near Mamou on Mardi Gras day.

I will warn you some may find the language and action in this video to be OFFENSIVE.


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