A woman in Eunice, Louisiana was arrested on June 22 after she allegedly threw an infant in a trashcan during a fight.

KLFY TV-10 reports that  38-year-old Brionka Benjamin of Opelousas was arrested after an altercation broke out between several women at the Walmart store in Eunice.

Once the women involved in the fight were detained, police went to video surveillance at the store and that is when they discovered that Benjamin threw her 6-month-old infant in the trash.

As for her motive, it was not announced by authorities as to why the mother put the infant in the trash.


Eunice Police say that the infant was not injured after being tossed in the trashcan and was released to other family members.

According to the report on KLFY, Benjamin is being charged with simple battery and cruelty to juveniles.

Benjamin’s niece, 20-year-old Makatelynn Benjamin of Opelousas, was also arrested and charged with simple battery because of her involvement in the fight at the store.


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