A fight from inside the Ville Platte, Louisiana hospital was caught on camera and now both parties are telling their side of the story.

KLFY TV-10 shared a video of the brawl from inside the hospital room and you can see two women attacking another woman who fell to the floor.

Sadly, this was on the side of a bed where an 8-year-old child was being treated.

According to KLFY News 10, Hope Semien arrived in the room to visit her fiance's son and that is when the altercation broke out between her and the kid's biological mother.


Ville Platte Police Chief Al Perry Thomas said that the two women who attacked Semien were cited with battery, one being the child's mother and the other being the child's grandmother.

As you may expect many are saddened that a child had to witness this while in the hospital.

The investigation into the fight that you'll see below is ongoing.

To see the fight from inside the Ville Platte hospital room and the full report, click on the photo below.


In an UPDATE with the news station, the Grandmother of the young boy apologized for her actions and said things escalated after they requested Semien not to visit the hospital room.


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