So, that's how LSU Coach Ed Orgeron got Joe Burrow to LSU.

As we approach the end of another college football season, we are finding out what it took to get Joe Burrow to LSU.

By now you know that the LSU quarterback transferred from Ohio St to play at LSU, but why did he choose to play at LSU?

A story out this week noted that while Burrow was in Louisiana for an official visit, Coach O took him to a local restaurant for dinner, but they didn't have the Louisiana delicacy, crawfish!!

Knowing that Burrow had to be impressed, Coach O had the restaurant go out and get 15 pounds of crawfish and prepare it for the future Tiger.

Was it the crawfish that got Burrow to LSU and if so, that restaurant should have suite passes in Tiger Stadium for a lifetime.

What a recruitment tool.

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