Almost all of us know about the effects that a caffeine-infused drink can have on our disposition. Maybe it's actually our energy level that the caffeine is messing with but that certainly helps us break through the fog of waking up and getting our day started.

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However, a cup of coffee to start the day is no longer the norm. More and more Louisiana residents are having a mid-morning cup or a mid-afternoon coffee break too. And let's not forget about the surge of caffeine-laden carbonated energy drinks now available to consumers as well.

So what does all of this extra energy mean? It means we're probably going to be spending more on ourselves actually.

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Based on the findings of a study recently conducted by the Marketing Department at LSU retailers would be doing themselves a solid by offering free coffee, tea or other caffeinated beverages to shoppers when they enter their stores. The reason? We tend to buy more and buy more indulgent purchases when we are "hepped up " on caffeine.

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The LSU study which was quoted in a piece published by the Louisiana Radio Network appears to show a connection between caffeine and high hedonistic or more indulgent products. Those kinds of products are things like chocolate or salty popcorn or even luxury vacations. The addition of caffeine seems to enhance our excitability in making those kinds of purchases.

The basic findings of the study seem to suggest that even one caffeinated drink a day, something that 85% of us do, makes us more susceptible to impulse purchases. So, if you're planning on saving money on a shopping trip,  you'd be better served to forgo that cup of coffee and drink just water until your shopping day is over.

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