If you've been enjoying the beautiful full moon the last couple of nights here in Acadiana, you're not alone. It's actually called a full beaver moon, or full frost moon, and the Native Americans coined the phrase in honor of the beavers who finish building their dams around this time each year to get ready for winter.

Gazing at the moon is also on the mind of LSU student Ian Sager, who wants to send a little piece of his home state to...the moon. Sager is a senior who is majoring in physics and astronomy, and he has recently bought a capsule that is going to be sent to the moon. Am I the only one who didn't know you could do this? And Sager says he wants to include some items from his Baton Rouge community in the project. But of course, he will welcome anyone from the whole state!

Sager tells WGNO in New Orleans “This is the very first thing that someone can send from themselves, that will stay. People have sent stuff through NASA, but nothing has been sent that has been for the public.” Sager has compiled a Google doc for anyone who wants to send something in his capsule to the moon, and it's surprisingly affordable.

You can send actually send your name for free, but the price for other items is below:

  • $5 per Image (10MB each)
  • $20 per Video (100 MB each)
  • $50 per GB

The capsule is set to be sent to the Moon as a part of the ULA Vulcan 1 mission at SLC-41, from Cape Canaveral, Florida on June 15th, 2021. You can reach Sager at ian14@eatel.net for, further info, but I'm thinking this could be the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone on your list this year. Read more about the capsule, and Sager's plans from WGNO.



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