Football will look very different in 2020.

LSU Football released a photo of a helmet that players will wear in 2020 and this does not look comfortable.

While the structure of the helmet will remain the same, you can see that a shield is being added to the entire front section of the helmet. Yes, even where a players mouth is.

The reason LSU Football will be adding such is to protect players on the field during the coronavirus pandemic. The shield below will help prevent the transfer of saliva while players are in close proximity.

Watch as an LSU player tries the helmet on with this shield. Yes, breathing will a bit for difficult, but LSU says players will have to adopt it and adapt to the modifications.

The defending National Champs will kick off their season on September 26th in Tiger Stadium against Ole Miss.

We will warn you, some may find the language in the video/Tweet here to be offensive. Watch video HERE

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