Saturday morning the LSU Tigers played a football game in Nashville against the Vanderbilt Commodores. The Tigers won the game handily by a score of 66 to 38. LSU quarterback Joe Burrow had another monster game. On television, it looked as if there were more fans in the Tiger colors of purple and gold than the colors of the home-standing Commodores.

That massive fanbase that migrated north from the bayous really made an impression on the local bar scene in music city. One establishment reported that it had run out of vodka by 9 am on game day.

I am not sure if this is something we should be proud of or if it's something we should seek counseling for? Regardless, the story speaks volumes about two things.

The first, LSU fans love to travel and support their team. That's probably why fan bases at other schools feel so threatened anytime the Tiger faithful come calling. Second, Nashville is a great place to go for a weekend. If you can use a college football game as an extra reason to include Music City in your travel plans then, by all means, we would recommend it.

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