A new survey says Louisiana ranks dead last when it comes to safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

The results of the study, conducted by WalletHub.com, come one day after the state saw its coronavirus case count increase by 5,388, the third-highest increase since the pandemic began last spring.

Scott Roe, a Louisiana resident, father, former baseball coach, small business owner and avid hunter is finally getting out of a Louisiana hospital tomorrow after being admitted with COVID-19. Roe was interviewed by CBS News. He said he would go through it again before he'd take the vaccine.

Here I am recovering, getting out of here finally tomorrow. Am I going to get a vaccine? No, because there's too many issues with these vaccines. Scott Roe in CBS News interview

Roe caught COVID-19 and then developed pneumonia. He said the government is trying to shove the vaccine "down your throat".

That's what local, state, federal administration is trying to do. Is shove it down your throat. They're shoving the fact that their agenda. The agenda is to get you vaccinated. -Scott Roe in CBS News interview


Only one in every three Louisianans is fully vaccinated. Southeast Louisiana in particular is seeing COVID cases rise at a startling rate. New Orleans is bracing for new COVID mandates and the possibility of canceling fall events. One of the city's premier events, Jazz Fest which is scheduled for October, just announced the Rolling Stones will be appearing which will draw massive crowds to the venue. Some are wondering if the city of New Orleans will let Jazz Fest take place at all this year.

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While much is still unknown about the coronavirus and the future, what is known is that the currently available vaccines have gone through all three trial phases and are safe and effective. It will be necessary for as many Americans as possible to be vaccinated in order to finally return to some level of pre-pandemic normalcy, and hopefully these 30 answers provided here will help readers get vaccinated as soon they are able.

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