I asked our listeners what they felt are the 'rules' for driving here in Lafayette that might help visitors who've never been here.

We have a lot of out - of - towner's here for Mardi Gras, so I thought it might be helpful to offer them some tips for getting around Lafayette if they've never been here before.

Over 50 people responded in just under an hour. Here we go:

Be aggressive. B. E. Aggresive.

Don't go immediately on green, because the last 3 cars from the other directions haven't gone through yet.

You will need a alignment when you leave

If you see anyone with Texas plates, they don't obey any speed limit laws, and constantly ride the left lane.

People like to ride your bumper. Then they wonder why they rear ended the person in front of them. Also, the city doesn't know how to patch or pave roads very well at all, which is horrible for your car.

The roads are way too narrow and we don't have enough roundabouts. Be prepared to wait an excessively long time at red lights and you will feel very cramped when driving in Lafayette. Be defensive and aggressive when driving around here! It's the only way to survive!

Basically, avoid taking a left.

Folks don't use their blinkers.

Avoid the Johnston/Ambassador Caffery intersection at all cost.

90% of people don't know how to use a roundabout.

STAY out the left lane unless ur passing or making a turn

Red light cameras!

Just use UBER! (more than one person suggested this)

Dont come here.....go West

Stay on I ten and keep going


Click the pic below to see the rest of the rules and to add your own!

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