Sometimes when I answer the request line, the person on the other end whispers. When I ask why they’re whispering, they usually tell me they’re at work and aren’t supposed to be listening to the radio. I think that’s kind of stupid.

Nearly half of people listen to music at work. There’s a lot of research indicating it actually enhances productivity. A study of 2000 office workers conducted by Scala Radio revealed that nearly half of them listen to music at work.

Those who listen to music at work are actually more focused than those who don’t. It filters out distractions in the workplace. Workers reportedly find it easier to concentrate on a given task with music playing then they do when working in silence.

"Music has a really powerful impact on the brain. It affects mood and mental and physical performance."                          - Dr Becky Spelman


I’ve spent most of my adult life working as a radio disc jockey, can’t imagine working in silence as a desk jockey.

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