A Chick-fil-A owner/operator has found a way to not only keep employees happy but also found a way to get people begging to work at one of the most popular fast-food chains in America. How did he do it? A three-day, 14-hour workweek.

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Everything has changed since COVID, especially the work/home life balance that workers desire. And Justin Lindsey who owns and manages a Chick-fil-A in Miami, Florida told QSR magazine how he has transformed his restaurant from a group of burned-out employees who were "literally working 70 hours a week, week in and week out," to a robust stay that hardly ever misses work with productivity that's through the roof.

Chick-fil-A Workers
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Even though revenue was fine, the staff at Lindsey's restaurant was not. They were exhausted, drained and not so happy. So, Lindsey thought up a plan to go to a three-day workweek. The employees love it and when a position opened at the Kendall location recently, over 420 people applied for the position. This is during a time when many businesses in America are closing because they can't find enough people to work.

Lindsey said businesses have to change with the times. Right now employees need a nice balance between work and home.

To accomplish workplace tranquility, Lindsey divided the staff into two groups and alternated weekly schedules into three-day blocks comprising of 13 to 14-hour shifts.

Lindsey stated that having a shift change in the middle of the day used to be a nightmare.

The three-day workweek eliminates that revolving-door approach. Justin Lindsey to QSR Magazine

Since the pandemic, the work/quality of life balance is much different. One of the things that COVID-19 made people realize is that family and overall quality of life matter. And employees desire a workplace that salutes those values.

It might be time that more businesses change the way they do business.

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