Forecasting the weather in Louisiana is not for the faint of heart. (Just ask our own Rob Perillo who has seen how quickly the skies over Cajun country can change.) Half of the year you’re worried about hurricane season then you’re worried about flooding and the even sometimes unseasonably cold weather that could bust pipes causing major problems.

This is something that New Orleans TV meteorologist Margaret Orr has done for more than 44 years at the same TV station, WDSU Channel 6. Her following has reached almost cult levels with New Orleans-based boutique Fleurty Girl, even selling prayer candles with her image on them to burn when we were worried about a storm.

I grew up watching New Orleans TV and Margaret Orr has always been a staple. A constant in a sometimes revolving door in one of the nation's most unique TV markets. She’s always looked the same (it's iconic, really). She’s always talked about weather the same and she’s always been blunt about what could happen. When the trend in TV weather forecasting moved toward brighter graphics, scarier music, and hyped-up forecasting, Margaret didn’t change. She shoots straight and is honest with viewers about what they can expect.

The way she handled Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath is something that undoubtedly steered me toward a career helping people in my own way over the air. Recently, a tornado struck a residential part of the city, and unflustered, Margaret talked people through the tornado as it was on the ground street by street. See the video below.

There is so much new talent and others who will undoubtedly take her place as this industry moves on quickly. But her expertise, ultimate professionalism, and excitement about the weather will be missed. Congratulations on a well-earned retirement!

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