The entirety of Acadiana has been suffering for weeks with record-breaking heat, and according to our meteorological friends over a KATC-TV 3, that trend is not going to let up anytime soon.

It's not just some lame observation to say that things that don't smell great really smell a lot worse when the temperatures go up. There is truth to this. In checking out various sources, explains that when temperatures go up it's just like adding gasoline to a fire. The heat and humidity are a rich growing environment for bacteria. They thrive in this heat.

And think about this, according to the website,

"According to Dr. Pamela Dalton from the Monell Chemical Senses Center, cold reduces people’s ability to detect smells."

So it's not our imagination that our children's shoes stink more this summer than last summer. It's not crazy to think that the garbage we place in our outside bins seems more pungent this summer. It's just the way things work.

Living Room Fireplace
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Do You Notice Your Chimney Stinks?

I don't have a fireplace, but I surely would love to have one in my home. According to industry professionals at people in the industry say that one of the biggest complaints about fireplaces actually happens in the summer. Why? All that heat and humidity can actually make your fireplace give off some pretty stinky odors!

If you haven't done a great job of cleaning out the fireplace and chimney when the winter season ends, then you likely are going to get smells from the creosote and ash that have built up.

Tony DeBella writes,

If a chimney is open or poorly sealed (a loose-fitting damper or glass doors), every time you turn on the dryer or bathroom fan it creates negative pressure that sucks the smelly air down through the chimney and right into the living area.

Click here for some ideas on how to deal with the problem and clean it up.

Stink Bug on a Leaf
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Stink Bugs Do Stink Worse in Hotter Temperatures

If you have seen any stink bugs around recently. You have probably run in the other direction. I know I do because during the summer months when the temperatures are blazing if you accidentally step on one your shoe and your surroundings are going to stink for quite some time. says it is true that stink bugs are even stinkier when the temperature continues to rise.

Basically put, there will be more stink bugs when the temperatures grow warmer even in areas where stink bugs are not naturally found. In addition, the smell is more intense in hotter temperatures.

Sweat Stains
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You Likely Will Sweat More If it's Hotter, But It's the Bacteria That Adds to the Stink

Apocrine Glands are the things in our body that are responsible for the smell we emit when we are sweating. When sweat comes of out of these glands in our armpits and groin area they encounter bacteria on our bodies and yes, we stink!

Your body produces sweat as a way to cool itself off. The Press of Atlantic City did a great article on sweating and how different things impact your "stink level".

If you are sweating more in hot weather then more sweat means more chances for that sweat to encounter stinky bacteria on your body. You might also sweat more when you are nervous or if you have certain medical conditions.

And here is a quote from the article that will likely blow your mind:

You don't smell body odor in young children because apocrine glands don't start working until puberty.

Face in Sink
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Why Is the Drain in My Shower/Kitchen Stinking?

Yep. The old bacteria deal, and in the summer, they do tend to stink more according to The bacteria on the food that you dump down your drain to go in the garbage disposal just grow if it sits there.

If your home is like mine, the water in the tap this time of year is warm or hot, so it's best to always make sure that you run the water and garbage disposal each time you put even the smallest amount of food in it.

If you are not sure why things smell even worse in your drains, it is ALWAYS a good idea to consult a plumber before you try to fix it yourself.

Stinky Tennis Shoes Can Knock You Over in the Summer

Okay, I know you have smelled someone's tennis shoes when they take them off in the summer, and you wonder how in the world something could smell so bad.

Bacteria, again, is the culprit. does suggest that you put each shoe in a plastic Ziploc bag and then store them overnight to get rid of the smell! Those cold temperatures can kill some of the bacteria!

I know one thing I have seen people do that blows my mind. They will wear the same socks for a couple of days. It would seem to me you are just putting more bacteria into your shoes. A fresh pair of socks each day I am sure will help keep the bacteria down and help to keep the smell more in check. also has several great ideas including using baking soda and the power of the sun.

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