Do you often wonder what is the best way to keep yourself cool while driving? Should you put the windows down or should you just run the air conditioner in Louisiana?

You know that during some months you can't go without running the air conditioning in your car unless you don't have a choice. There are very few months when you don't have to run the AC.

It's very rough on people who don't have a working air conditioner in their vehicles. Trying to fix the air conditioning can be extremely costly so often people just avoid fixing it.

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During the months when temperatures are more moderate, you likely will hear from one side of your friends and family who tell you to just roll down the windows! However, those in your closest circle can be just as passionate about using the air conditioning.

Which Way Helps Save Gas and Money?

Gas is so costly per gallon again, so if you have been trying to figure out if you should put the windows down or not, you are not alone. When you think about putting the windows down, you might think back to what you learned in school or an article you have read. It seems to be a constant debate.

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Officials with the US Department of Energy at explain when you have your windows down while driving it makes your car less aerodynamic. Life Hacker says that it seems to be that when you are driving faster, like on the interstate, it's more efficient to just have the air conditioning on.

The Department of Energy is constantly looking into these issues. Last year, they issued some opinions. The basic information is that if you are driving slower on a local road having the windows down is fine.

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Everyone we know has a tight budget, and gas isn't cheap!

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No matter what you decide, the Department of Energy recommends that anytime you get into a hot car, you roll down all the windows for a few minutes while that collected heat can escape your car and then turn on the air conditioning.

One factor that helps with making the most of your car's fuel efficiency has to do with how fast we drive.

Here is another good tip from the Department of Energy about why you should drive the speed limit,

Following the speed limit can help retain your vehicle's available gas for longer, as average gas mileage usually decreases rapidly at speeds above 50 miles per hour. Every 5 miles per hour over 50 is the same as paying an additional $0.34 per gallon for gas.

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Another thing we are all spending more money on is food.

So, if you're looking for more types on how you can save money, you can check out the information below on how you can make your food dollar stretch:

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