Those of you who listen to our weather reports may occasionally hear us refer to the National Weather Service radar as the "Dick Faurot 5000." That reference started as a one-off tribute to the legendary KLFY meteorologist. However, one of our guests, LCG environmental quality manager Bess Foret caught the reference and encouraged us to keep going with it.

A listener not only heard the reference to the "Dick Faurot 5000," he told Faurot about it.

That listener, former KLFY news director Dee Stanley, called Faurot and let him know about our tribute. Faurot then got in touch with us, telling us that he was surprised he was mentioned because "it has been a looooong time since I worked in Lafayette."

Not only is Faurot remembered in Lafayette, he's still revered by the thousands who watched him during his 18-year run on the local airwaves. With that in mind, we invited Faurot to join us for a very special weekend fishing report. He accepted.

On Friday, we got to hear the Faurot Fishing Report and got a chance to catch up with the Acadiana television icon. He told us about his life in retirement, how forecasting has evolved, and his time volunteering in Moss Bluff after Hurricane Laura devastated Southwest Louisiana.

Courtesy: Dick Faurot
Courtesy: Dick Faurot

So grab your Color the Weather worksheet and some crayons and take a trip down memory lane as we visit with the one and only Dick Faurot.

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