When you are feeling down, sometimes words, crafted creatively, can inspire hope and take you out of your slump.

When you are feeling like you are almost on the top of the world, but you just can't find the energy or strength to take that next step, sometimes words, crafted creatively, can give you the needed inspiration.

Emory Colvin is a Lafayette native now based in Los Angeles, California. She says words and, most times, they are crafted creatively.

Early in life, her love for words (especially the Word of God) lead her on a path of spreading the Word with people, often times in dramatic fashion.

Her theatrical path lead her through Nashville to LA, where she worked in the entertainment industry, on the management side of things. She still enjoys the "stage" and, through the magic of Youtube, you can be in her audience from anywhere in the world.

Emory's spoken words remind us that, ultimately, we are not in charge, but we have the power to allow the light in that guides us in the right direction.

In "Broken", she realizes that she "was not brought to life with Spirit-filled breath to live out my days broken".

"Mulholland" chronicles the casual night in her life that took a formal turn: the night she fell in love.

Emory just started her YouTube Channel, and I am excited that she has turned to this platform to share her talents because not all of us can make it to one of her Dramatic Encounter shows.

On a personal note, it's been inspiring to see Emory grow. We met at an Icegator game she was attending with her friends; we were co-workers one summer when she was home from college (she took a part-time gig at one of our radio stations); I traveled to Tennessee, loaded down with crawfish and a boiling rig so that her friends could enjoy a real Cajun good time; I followed her on social media when she made the move to Los Angeles, rooting for her the whole way.  Through all of that time, I've watch her grow into the type of woman this world needs.

I am proud of Emory. I am proud of the woman that she has become. I am proud that she does not keep her talents to herself, but she shares them in the hopes of helping others. Did I have anything to do with her success? Nope. She is self-made. I was just there, in the stands, cheering her on.

I look forward to her next video.

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