I couldn't help but notice when the little girl who was recently abducted by her father was found, Facebook was ablaze with comments like "Thank You Jesus", "Thank God", "Thank You Lord", etc.  But just who are you talking to?

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Have you ever seen Jesus, God or the entity you refer to as Lord?  Let me answer that for you...that would be no.  So why do we use those words?  And how do we know that Jesus, God or Lord had anything to do with a situation?

This thinking all started last night when I received a text from someone who said to me, "I miss you".  And I texted back, "I miss you too".  Now even though I really do miss this person, I don't REALLY know them.  So how can I miss someone I don't even REALLY know?  I feel like I miss this person, I like this person very much, but to say I know a whole lot about them would be a lie.  Yet my heart tells my brain to miss this individual.  Why does my heart miss something it hardly knows?  Why is this happening?

Along the same lines, how can you possibly "thank" something you haven't even seen?  I think I know.

My son and I were talking one day about God and how can one be sure he exists.  I have had many things happen to me that were virtually impossible, no way could those things have happened without a higher intervention.  If I told you about some of them, you would be rendered speechless.  But those things haven't happened to my son, he hasn't had those life altering events to provide a definitive answer.  And maybe you haven't either.

So I'll say to you what I said to my son in the dining room that bright sunny day.  I said to him, "Look out the window.  See the branches moving?  Do you see anyone or anything moving them?  Nope,  But we both know what's causing those branches to move...the wind.  Now, had we not learned about the wind in school, we may think the trees were possessed or we may even think David Copperfield was in the yard.  We learned about wind in school and therefore we aren't freaked out at all".  Well we can't see God either can we?  Nope.  Or can we?

Just as we learned about wind in school, we have also learned about God, via books and church.  I think wind and God have a lot in common.  I have learned about them in books and I can feel them both, I just can't see either of them.  Or can I?

As in the case of my friend, I feel an emptiness without them near me.  I may not know exactly why I miss them, but my heart tells my brain it does.  And my brain knows my heart would never lie to it.  Same thing in the case of God.  God is in the heart of all people.  I believe even the meanest criminals in the world have God in their hearts.  God's love is placed in the hearts of every human being at birth.  I believe that.  That doesn't mean everyone is a good person, that's just means we all start out the same.  Mortal earth and sin erode the good in us, but I'm convinced God's love never ever completely leaves us, as long as we are alive that is.

So how can I get a visual on this guy?  I see his picture in books, people thank him on Facebook when a little girl is found alive, but I have never run into to him at the mall.  And where was he when I couldn't pay all my bills last month, sure could have used a surprise visit.

God, Jesus, Lord, are visible to you everyday if you just open your eyes.  When you look into the eyes of your children, God is looking back at you.  Think about the miracle of birth and what all has to happen for an individual to be born.  He's there.

When you feel love.  God is there.  Without God, you would be numb.

When you come close to being in a serious accident and your vehicle and the other vehicle miss by such a close margin that your heart almost beats out of your chest...he was there.

After praying for help with the bills, out of nowhere an unexpected check falls in your lap, guess what, he heard you.

Every time you see an image using the miracle of site, God gave that to you.  Never take your eyes for granted,

When you hear the heartbeat of an unborn child, God!

If you have found the love of your life, God again.  Surely you realize all the formulas that have to take place for two people to meet.  The fact you did, God!

When the surgeon comes out and says, "Everything went well", God wasn't ready for that person, not yet.

When a child escapes harm, God was involved.

Everything is not coincidental.  Let me say that again, everything is NOT coincidental!

So if you see wind moving branches and believe that it is indeed wind, seeing God everyday should be a piece of cake.

One final thought, I held my mothers hand as she passed away.  First time I had experienced anything like that and quite honestly, I hope I never have to ever again.  I watched a body die.  When it does, something strange happens.  Something leaves.  My mother didn't even look like my mother after her last breath.  AND, I immediately felt absolutely no connection to the object that now lay there.  That was no longer my mom, my mom had pulled an Elvis and left the building.

Like air, God is something that you don't physically see...but can't live without.  Take a deep breath...there he is!

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